Webster's stocks a wide range of Loctite adhesives & sealants including:

  • Loctite® Threadlocking

A revolutionary method to lock and seal threaded fasteners

Loctite anaerobic threadlockers are available in varying viscosities and strengths for applications from delicate components to heavy construction equipment, including exposure to extreme environments.

  • Prevents loosening of fasteners
  • Seals against corrosion
  • Provides correct lubrication
  • Controlled strengths
  • Suitable for all fastener sizes
  • Easy to apply


·         Loctite® Thread Sealing

Prevent fluid loss, minimise wastage, maintenance and down-time

Loctite liquid thread sealants seal and secure metal pipes and fittings, filling the space between threaded metal parts and curing to prevent leakage. Designed for low and high pressure applications, liquid thread sealants seal instantly for low pressure testing. When fully cured they seal to the burst strength of most piping systems.

  • Complete seal
  • Locks and seals in any position
  • Does not block pipe system
  • Instant low pressure seal
  • Lubricates during assembly
  • Easy application and disassembly


·         Loctite® Gasketing

Formed-in-place Gasketing solutions

Loctite anaerobic and silicone Gasketing solutions are suitable for small and large gap flange assemblies. Formed-in-place, they can be applied to any shape and offer improved seal reliability compared to traditional pre-cut compression gaskets.


·         Anaerobic Gaskets

Loctite anaerobic gaskets remain liquid when exposed to air, but cure when confined between mating flanges. Best suited for small gap applications and rigid metal-to-metal assemblies.

  • No shimming effect - controlled tolerances, no need for re-torqueing
  • Fills all voids reducing the need for a fine surface finish on flanges
  • Does not shrink when cured
  • Parts can be easily disassembled even after extended service
  • Resists high pressure when fully cured


·         Silicone Sealants

Loctite silicone Gasketing materials include unique products with excellent fluid and high temperature resistance. They are best suited for large gap applications and stamped metal assemblies where flange flexing occurs.

  • High gap fill and flexibility
  • High temperature and chemical resistance

·         Loctite® Retaining

Accepted as a standard method for assembling press and slip parts

Loctite anaerobic retaining compounds fill the ‘inner space’ between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly. Formulated in a wide variety of viscosities, gap fills, flexibility and strength characteristics, they are suitable for a broad range of industrial maintenance applications.

  • Increased assembly and product reliability
  • Fills all voids and ensures 100% contact
  • Creates stronger industrial assemblies
  • Seals against corrosion
  • Replaces or augments mechanical assemblies
  • Controlled strengths

·         Loctite® Sticks

Loctite® reliability with a twist - quality and performance in a convenient stick

Loctite’s patented stick products offer greater flexibility for tougher applications, especially overhead, under or around machinery, and on components that cannot be moved. Compact and easy to carry and store in a tool box, tool belt or pocket. Semi-solid formula means they won’t spill or leak. Range includes two threadlockers, a pipe sealant, an anti-seize, a retaining compound and two Gasketing products.


·         Loctite® Anti-Seize Lubricants

Loctite anti-seize compounds are developed to protect metal parts from corrosion, galling and seizing. They ease assembly and disassembly of slip fit and threaded joints and reduce friction and wear. Formulated for severe environments, these products protect against high temperatures up to 1315°C, in conjunction with heavy loads and chemical corrosion.

  • High temperature resistance
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Seals against corrosion
  • Metal-free availability


·         Loctite® 330 Multi-Bond Kit

Multi-purpose adhesive suits most bonding needs including metal bonding, ID plates and signage. Two parts, no mix, fast curing and toughened with good moisture, impact resistance and peel strength.


·         Loctite® 3801

Conventional dual syringe, two-part epoxy. Ideal for emergency repairs or where fast cure time is required. Sets in 5 minutes. Resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.


·         Loctite® 3805

Fast setting, two component adhesive and filler system, ideal for repairs, filling, bonding to iron, steel, brass, bronze, aluminium and copper. Can be drilled, tapped, threaded or filed and is an excellent electrical insulator. Typically used under shaft repair sleeves.


·         Loctite® 7649

Increase the cure speed of Loctite anaerobic products, especially at low temperatures, in applications with passive metals or inert surfaces, or where large gaps are involved.


·         Loctite® 7471

Increase the cure speed of Loctite anaerobic products, especially at low temperatures, in applications with passive metals or inert surfaces, or where large gaps are involved.


·         Loctite® 7387

Required to initiate the cure of Loctite toughened acrylic adhesives.


·         Loctite® 7452

Applied after adhesives to speed cure of Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives.


·         Loctite® 770

Helps to provide strong reliable bonds with Loctite cyanoacrylate on ‘impossible’ substrates like polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and thermoplastic rubber.


·         Loctite® 754 Extend® Rust Treatment

Converts existing rust into a stable base. Cured product acts as a primer for painting. Protects surfaces from corrosion.


·         Loctite® 790 Chisel® Gasket Remover

Removes gaskets from any type of assembly in 10 to 15 minutes. Prepares metal parts for new gaskets. Suitable for wood and aluminium.


·         Loctite® 7070 OCD Free Cleaner & Degreaser

General purpose parts cleaner removes grease oil and dirt. Contains no ozone depleting chemicals. Prepares surface for bonding. Non-corrosive and plastic compatible.


·         Loctite® Yuk-Off® Orange Hand Cleaner

Premium-grade cleansing agents quickly dissolve dirt, grease, resin, ink, paint, glue, tile cements and other stubborn stains. Citrus-based formula is pH balanced and fortified with lanolin, aloe vera, Vitamin E, jojoba and wheat germ extract to soothe and protect hands.


·         Loctite® Top Line Kit

Contains all the essential tools for industrial maintenance reliability including threadlocking, retaining compounds, thread sealing, bonding adhesives, anti-seize lubricants and primers.


·         Loctite® Multi Kit

Handy size kit designed to fit in a tool chest. Contains a threadlocker, instant adhesive, thread sealant, retaining compounds and anti-seize lubricants.


·         Ideal Hose Clamps

Superior quality and clamping expertise

Ideal is a leading manufacturer and supplier of clamping products worldwide. Advanced materials and cutting-edge technology means innovative, superior quality clamping products for both simple and extraordinary uses.


Setting the industry standard for fastener engineering expertise, Ideal offers a broad range of worm drive hose clamps, high torque clamps, constant tension clamps and a host of specialty and custom clamping products, available in a variety of material types and configurations. The one-piece mechanical design locks the housing directly to the band to provide maximum strength and
anti-shear protection.


The product range consists of:


Small diameter clamps                    High performance worm band clamps

12mm band clamps                         Flex-gear clamps

Lined clamps                                  Quick release clamps

Non-perforated band clamps             two part clamps

PowerGrip SP clamps                      Pipe retaining clamps

T-bolt clamps