Webster Bearings & Engineering supplies NOW STOCKS a range of Falk Quadrives, couplings, backstops and Orange Peel Guards.

FALK Quadrive®

Helical Shaft-Mounted Drives
“Easiest on, easiest off... guaranteed”
TA Taper bushing design ensures ease of drive removal and prevents damage to both drive and/or driven equipment

  • Torque ratings to 36,547Nm
  • Power ratings to 224kW
  • 3 year heavy duty warranty



Rex® Thomas® Disc Couplings
A practical alternative to lubricated and elastomer couplings

  • No lubrication
  • No wearing parts
  • No backlash - torsionaly rigid
  • Comprehensive range of types and sizes
  • Torque ratings to 320,920Nm

Falk Tru-Hold® Backstops
For virtually any applications where materials need to be moved up steep grades

  • Single, tandem or multiple units
  • Torque ratings from 4,068Nm to 1,012,847Nm
  • Over-running speeds from 1 to 2,800rpm

Elastomeric Couplings

The new Rex Viva coupling is a unique general purpose coupling ideal for use in industrial applications

  • No lubrication
  • No wearing parts
  • Polyurethane membrane
  • Tortionally flexible
  • Adjustable to meet ISO, DIN and ANSI shaft spacing specifications to 300mm BSE
  • Torque ratings to 6,270Nm
  • Taper bush hub to shaft fitting or straight bore available

FALK Steelflex® Grid Couplings
General purpose couplings requiring no periodic maintenance when lubricated with FALK supplied Long Term Grease (LTG) at installation

  • Torque ratings to 932,000Nm
  • 5 year warranty

FALK Wrapflex®
Elastomer Couplings
Non-lubricated, simple to install

  • Maximum operational flexibility
  • Effectively dampen shock loads
  • Easily accommodate misalignment
  • Available in 3 types and 9 sizes
  • Torque ratings to 15,800Nm

FALK Drive One
“One drive for one world”

Covers shaft-mounted, parallel shaft, right angle, horizontal, vertical and foot-mounted applications

  • 6-sided mounting capability
  • Available in 17 sizes
  • Torque ratings from 5,000 to 94,900Nm
  • Comprehensive range of heavy duty applications
  • Reduce spare inventories by up to 40%

FALK Lifelign® Gear Couplings
The low-cost, longer lasting answer to both small and large capacity coupling requirements

  • Triple-crowned for maximum capacity
  • Larger bores and higher power ratings
  • 20 types and 28 sizes
  • Torque ratings to 8,190,000Nm

FALK Orange Peel Guards
The practical protective coupling guard

  • Meets OSHA, ASME and ANSI job-site safety requirements
  • “Trim and Fit” to suit your coupling profile
  • Polyethylene and metal types
  • Available in 6 types - MCG, CCG, CFCG, SCG, VCG and LSG
  • Low initial cost, low lifetime cost
  • 3 year heavy duty warranty