Still without doubt manufacturing the World's finest specification roller chain, Renold provides chain solutions for hundreds of applications coping with operating conditions that are hot or cold, wet or dry, dusty or requiring cleanliness and all of these solutions combine excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance with a long, reliable working life. 

Products include:

  • Synergy 
  • A&S Chain
  • Small and large pitch (4mm up to 4 inch) chain
  • Attachment Chain
  • Syno - maintenance free chain
  • Coris - stainless steel chain
  • Hydro-Service – superior corrosion resistance chain
  • Sovereign – abrasion resistance chain 
  • Hollow bearing pin chain
  • Nickel-plated chain
  • Zinc plated chain
  • Extended pitch chain  
  • Sidebow chain
  • Cranked link chain
  • Bush chain
  • Polymer block chain     
  • Oilfield chain

 conveyor products and sizes



Webster Bearings & Engineering Supplies can provide a comprehensive selection of attachment chain to meet any requirement you may have. From standard to non-standard, British Standard (BS) to ANSI, if you want it, we've got it. We can even offer specification and selection advice to match your needs perfectly and keep your operation moving.

If you need attachments for double pitch chain, hollow pin chain, or even for plated and coated chains, Webster Bearings and Engineering Supplies can help.  We can even create a         custom-made attachment specifically for you thanks to Renold attachment chain.

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Renold's range of leaf chain for materials handling applications is used worldwide for straddle carriers, forklift trucks and on major civil engineering works such as flood defence barriers and are behind some of the biggest names in the industry.



Special design features


  • High Fatigue Strength
  • Long Service Life
  • Maximum Resistance to wear
  • Compact Design


Link Plates

Plates are made from a special steel which can withstand sudden loads and provides maximum resistance to breakage


Bearing Pins

Pins are manufactured from a special steel which has excellent resistance to bending. This increases the wear life of the chain.


Inner Link Plates

Movement of the inner plates is improved by close control of the pin and plate hole dimensions. This reduces rubbing (friction) to a minimum so the chain operates more economically and efficiently.


Chain pitch

Pitch (distance between each pin or plate hole) accuracy and pin hole diameters (holes in link plates) are maintained on every component during manufacture. This ensures consistent precision performance and good movement of the leaf chain joints.

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Self adjusting chain tensioner


ROLL-RING® is a simple yet innovative chain tensioner made from a specially formulated polymer. The unique design is based upon a simple toothed ring that can be fitted to horizontal, vertical or diagonal drives in a matter of seconds, simply by placing it in-between the two strands of chain. When the drive is in use, the ROLL-RING® deforms to an elliptical shape, due to compression between the strands and completely asborbs any slack in the system. ROLL-RING® performs the job of a tensioner and a damper in one, and is ideally suited to applications where maintenance is difficult or impossible.



Vibrations in an untensioned chain drive


The ROLL-RING® chain tensioner tensions and dampens

 ROLL-RING® chain tensioners provide tensioning using:

  • Static tensioning force from the elastic ring•
  • Dynamic tensioning force from the damping of the working material

ROLL-RING® provides as much tensioning as possible at low chain speeds, and has reserves of tensioning and damping capability for higher chain speeds. The diagram below shows the tensioning force of a ROLL-RING® chain tensioner with its individual allocations of tensioning forces and their resulting effects.




The ROLL-RING® chain tensioner provides cost effective, time saving installation and maintenance.

The advantages over other types of chain tensioners are:

  • Free standing - no sprockets, bolts, plates, drilling or costly installation required.
  • The ROLL-RING® is easily installed where space limitations prohibit the use of conventional chain tensioners.
  • The ROLL-RING® is fitted in a matter of seconds.
  • It is ready for use without any tools, tensioning equipment or any further alignment or adjustment.
  • It is fully effective in vertical and diagonal drives.
  • The ROLL-RING® works automatically, is maintenance free and self lubricating.
  • It can be used in dusty and dirty environments.
  • The ROLL-RING® is a tensioner and damper in one, thus reducing noise levels.
  • ROLL-RING® also works in reverse mode.
  • ROLL-RING® chain tensioners reduce chain wear and improve the quality and efficiency of the complete chain drive.

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STR_Drive Chain




Used mainly on exposed drives with heavy loads at low speeds, such as rotary drums and excavator equipment. Chain is available in pitch sizes 50.8mm to 152.4mm.


  • Necklace Periphery Drives
  • Rotary Drum Crushers
  • Rotary Drum Washers
  • Turntables
  • Agitators

Features and Benefits:

  • Very high tensile loads
  • Precision engineered design
  • Use where pitch accuracy is critical
  • Compact power to weight ratio drive chain
  • Available in pitch sizes 50.8mm to 152.4mm



Smartlink™ can help you in different ways. With a tiny microprocessor attached to the side plate, the unit can detect the stresses experienced by the chain as it travels through your machine.

 Level 1

Acting as an overload detector and controlled with a small infra-red remote control unit, the system can indicate when your chain exceeds a pre-determined load. This gives you the warning you need to inspect the system and ensure that it is safe to continue running the machine. Smartlink™ gives you the ability to reset the alarm condition using the remote control.

Level 2

To understand more about the working loads being applied to the chain drive there is a second level of diagnostics that Smartlink™ can provide. Using a handheld receiver, more detailed information about the development of the load can be downloaded to the receiver and then to a Windows-based PC. This data can be analysed to determine which location points in the chain drive are experiencing problems.

 Level 3

In situations of extreme loadings or if safety is a key factor Renold can also work in partnership with companies to resolve on-going problems. Having already helped major companies around the world including skid steer vehicles, agricultural machinery, materials handling at ports and leisure rides at theme parks, Renold Smartlink™ represents a groundbreaking opportunity to fully understand the way chain is affected by forces that may not be immediately evident.

Anywhere that chain is difficult to reach manually; Smartlink™ gets there and reports back with its infra-red connection and handheld controllers.

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RENOLD Standard Conveyor Chains are manufactured for a variety of applications to BS, DIN and ISO standard specifications in breaking loads from 13kN (3000lbf) to 900kN (203000lbf) including metric and imperial pitch sizes. Solid bearing pin, hollow bearing pin, deep side plate, plain or flange rollers are just some of the chain varieties available. Chains can be supplied in steel, stainless steel, nickel plated and with zinc sherardised anti corrosion treatment. Pitch size from 38.1mm to 500mm. Stocks of common size chains and attachments are held in our Melbourne and Auckland warehouses and some branches.




RENOLD Special Conveyor Chains Renold Australia manufactures a comprehensive range of Standard and Special Conveyor Chains at its factory located in Mulgrave, Victoria. This factory is equipped to worldclass standards incorporating the latest technology and manufacturing methods to provide the best-engineered product available on the market. Renold Australia has a strong design group with experience in all industries and applications including Mining and Mineral Processing, Steel, Sugar, Timber, Automotive and the Food & Packaging Industries to name a few.

Special Conveyor Chain

British Standard (BS)

This standard covers chain manufactured to suit the British market and markets where a strong British presence has dominated engineering design and purchasing. The standard is based on the original Renold Conveyor Chain design.

ISO Standard

Chain manufactured to ISO Standard is not interchangeable with BS or DIN Standard Chain. This standard has a wide acceptance in the European market, except in Germany. Chain manufactured to this standard is becoming more popular and are used extensively in the Scandinavian region.

Hollow Pin Bearing Chain

The hollow bearing pin type chain facilitates fixing attachments to outer links by bolting through the hollow bearing pins and is suitable for use in all normal conditions. The attachments may be bolted up tight or held in the hollow bearing pin in a "free" manner. Bolted attachments should only span the outer link, as a bolted attachment spanning the inner link would impair the free articulation of the chain.

Deep Link Chain

Deep link-type chains have sideplates with a greater depth than the normal chain plates; thus providing a continuous carrying edge above the roller periphery. When lateral flexing of the chain is required to negotiate horizontal bend radii, coned bearing pins are employed. Available in Hollow or Solid Pin versions.

Solid Bearing Pin Conveyor Chain

The solid bearing pin type chain, while having exactly the same gearing dimensions, i.e. pitch, inside width and roller diameter as the equivalent hollow bearing pin chain, is more robust and is recommended for use where arduous conditions may be encountered.



Renold Conveyor Chain

Renold Conveyor Chain

Renold Conveyor Chain

Renold Conveyor Chain


Renold Conveyor Chain

Renold Conveyor Chain




conveyor products and sizes  


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