·         Fluid Sealing Devices
Fluid sealing solutions for manufacturing and process equipment requirements
A world-leading supplier of Fluid Sealing Devices for the truck and automotive industries, farm equipment, aircraft, heavy machinery and machine tool industries also supply seals for aerospace applications, earth moving equipment, appliances and a wide variety of pumps, hydraulic systems, motors and sub-assemblies. Seals fit shaft diameters ranging from 0.110” to over 180” with over 200 types of seals in more than 5,000 stock sizes.

·         Bi-Directional Shaft Seals
Smooth lip, bio-rotational, hydro-dynamic seals

The single lip designs are general purpose seals recommended for most applications.

·         Unitised Truck and Trailer Seals
The right sealing solution for every kind of wheel end maintenance

These seals are unitised, one-piece designs with internal sealing lips that keep road contaminants out and bearing lubricants in... For maximum bearing protection. Seal installation tools and hub caps complement the range.

·         Heavy Vehicle Brake Air Dryers
The one air dryer for all types of service

An ideal engine/compressor air dryer package, the universal design is 100% compatible with all makes of turbo chargers and air compressors.

·         Shaft Repair Sleeves
From scored to restored in less than five minutes

Manufactured to precise specifications, Shaft Repair Sleeves are your cost-effective alternative to re-sizing, re-metalising or replacing the severely damaged shaft surface as it installs easily, with minimum machine downtime. Shaft Repair Sleeves are available for shaft diameters ranging from 0.49” to 8.005.”

·         Bearing Isolators
Equipment protection and downtime reduction

Torturous path labyrinth seal for two way sealing, zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants. This is achieved by using non-contact labyrinth sealing technology. Bearing isolators can be used on shaft sizes from 0.5” to 10.0” and handle shaft speeds of 25m/s, far beyond speed limits of radial lip seals.

Bearing isolators are available in a variety of materials including proprietary graphite-filled PTFE which is suited to caustic environments, has low coefficient of friction, offers low wear and is compatible with over 160 chemicals. A mineral filled PTFE version is also available for use in the food industry. Bronze for medium to relative high speeds and stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Applications include: bearings, gearboxes, turbines, electric motors in heavy wash down areas, chemical /caustic environments, dirty/abrasive environments, paper/pulp, petrochemical, mining, steel making, food, beverage, cooling towers and more.

How much will it cost you not to install a Bearing Isolator?

·         Mechanical Seals, Mixer Seals, Pumps and Seal Support Systems
Offering a full design, supply and refurbishment service

Sealcom is amongst the leaders in providing a full range of Mechanical Seals, including cartridge, component, slurry seals, bellows, split seals, single and double seals for an extensive range of pumps, mixers and mechanical equipment. From standard seals through to highly specialise designs.
Our mechanical seals are available in a wide range of face materials such as carbon, silicone carbide, tungsten carbide and alumina ceramic. We also offer a choice of elastomers from nitrile to Viton.

Mechanical Seal Support and Water Management Systems
Water is a valuable resource and we offer a range of Water Management Systems to support mechanical seals in most applications from light duty to harsh environments, ensuring sealing security and high efficiency.

Industries which benefit from our solutions include paper/pulp, mining, petrochemical, power generation, steel making, food, beverage and more.


·         Pump and Valve Gland Packaging



Pilot pack Range

General Purpose

7099 (PTFE) and 8113 (Graphite)

Aggressive Chemicals

3410 and 3480

Broad pH

3410 and 3480

High Abrasion

5020, 5035 and 5417

High Temperature – Valve


High Temperature – Pump


High Speed


Food Grade

7099, 3410, 5417


8022, 4000 and 4001

Oxygen Safe


Die-Formed Rings

All of above

High Performance Gasket Materials



Pilot Range

General Purpose

General Service 178


Pilot 34, Graftec and Econograph


Pilot Acid

Aggressive Chemicals


Plastic/Glass Lined Flanges

Sealcom 500

Food Grade

Pilotflon 550 and 570

Off-the-roll PTFE

Flangeseal (adhesive backed)

High Temperature

Pilot-Therm 201

Oil jointing

Pilot 166

Metal Gaskets

Spiral Wound and Heat Exchanger

·         Thermal protection textiles

·         Rubber materials and components

·         Flexible piping solutions